Review of "Closed Fish Exhibition" at Andrei Voznesensky Cultural Center [eng/ger]


Due Diligence: on Ideology of Museum Security in anthology by v-a-c press in 2018 [eng/rus]


Review of "The Human Condition – Session V: Teleology of the Human. Biography, Destiny, Hope, Faith. Biography: a Model Kit exhibition" at
MMoMA, Camera Austria [eng]

Sexual and Gender Dissent: Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe and Georgy Guryanov in anthology "Queering Russian Art History" [eng] 


The non-conformists. The Story of a Russian Collection, catalogue entries for the exhibition at MOCO [eng/fr]

Review of "Agency of Singular Investigations: Flower Power Archive" at MMoMA, Camera Austria [eng]


The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100 at Garage, review, Artforum [eng]

Under Western Eyes, an essay on (de)colonization in art criticism for paper visual art journal [eng]

Interview with Ana Teixeira Pinto, Artguide 


The Animacy of Matter, a critical text on Nikita Kadan and Anastasia Potemkina for Laura Bulian Gallery [eng]

Review on Edward Steichen's Delphiniums at MoMA (1936) for the Centre of Experimental Museology blog [rus/eng]

Interview with Loren Graham on "diamat" and Soviet epistemology of science, Knifemedia [eng]

steirischer herbst / Graz / report, Flash Art Online [eng]

NEMOSKVA / Omsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk / report, Flash Art Online [eng]

Unfree Love, an essay on sex and love in the age of dating apps / syg.ma

Interview with Armen Avanessian  on "Metaphysics of the Future"

Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More / Riga, review, Flash Art Online [eng]

Review on  "If our soup can could speak… Mikhail Lifshitz and the Soviet Sixties" at Garage, springerin, 2/2018 [eng/ger]

Transmediale 31 / HKW / Berlin, review, Flash Art Online (upcoming)


Image Diplomacy / MMoMA / Moscow, review, Flash Art Online


Review on Naturgeschichten exhibition at mumok, springerin, 1/2018 [eng/ger]

Interview with Alexander R. Galloway on the digital in philosophy and art, Artguide

Interview with Vladislav Shapovalov, Artguide


Hybrid Ideology," an interview with historian Michael Hagemeister on Russian Cosmism, InRussia [eng/rus]

Lonely Warrior Against Authoritarian Regime: Soviet and Russian Art in Mass Media, a conversation between Andrey Shental, Alexandra Novozhenova and Boris Klyushnikov. Flash art,  № 318


Repatriation of the Universe, an essay on Russian cosmism, IDEA magazine, № 5

Art Without Death: Russian Cosmism / HKW, Flash Art, № 317 [eng]

“Artist Studios in the Dialectics of Re-skilling and Deskilling”, an essay in Nepokorennie Group Catalogue, MMoMA.

“Sexual Revolution as a Symptom of Capitalism?” Gender Studies Journal, Kharkiv

Communicative Failures and Defeats, an essay in the catalogue "How to Gather: Acting Relations, Mapping Positions" published by M HKA and V-A-C [eng/rus]

Interview with Robert Pfaller, Colta.ru

Moscow Diaries / MMoMA / Moscow / Flash Art, № 316 [eng]

Interview with Jana Winderen and James Richards, Syg.ma

Betrayed Revolution; or the Nineties Did Not Exit”, essay, Raznoglasiya Magazine

We See the Earth as an Inert Piece of Matter”, an interview with Ben Woodard, Theory and Practice

Geometry of Now / GES-2 / Moscow, review, Flash Art Online [eng]





The Penetrated Body”, an essay in “Deep Inside” catalogue of Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, edited by Nadim Samman [eng]

“The Unaccountable Youth” / Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, a report at Flash Art Online [eng]

Fungofetish and Fungocene: a Call to Sporulate”, a manifesto, Moscow Art Magazine, №99

Aesthetics is the Future of Philosophy”, an interview with Graham Harman, Colta.ru

When the Artist Speaks”, an essay on lecture performance, Raznoglasiya Magazine

Import/Export: Theses on Cultural Self-Sustainment”, essay/manifesto, Raznoglasiya Magazine

Digital Present Against Other Temporalities”, an essay on Berlin Biennale, Raznoglasiya Magazine

Contemporary Art Was Invented in the Times of Speculative Financial Capital”, an interview with Armen Avanessian, Raznoglasiya Magazine

Free Love Is a Neoliberal Idea”, an interview with Ingo Nierman, Raznoglasiya Magazine

Evgeny Granilshchikov / Multimedia Art Museum / Moscow, review, Flash Art, № 308 [eng]

Human Commonalities / Vadim Sidur Museum / Moscow, review, Flash Art, № 311 [eng]

“Narrative devices”, an essay on DIS/Babak Redboy videos, Aperto № 2 [eng]



“Turtle-Shell: Towards The Critical Object-Oriented Theory”, an essay in “Hybridize or Disappear” reader, Mousse Publishing, edited by João Laia [eng]

The Lawfulness and Lawlessness of Voice”, an essay on Rana Hamadeh, Moscow Biennale Blog[eng]

The Whole Image of Putin is So Homoerotic”, an interview with Leon Kahane, Moscow Biennale Blog [eng]

Us and Them, Here and There, Now and Then, an essay on Stina Östberg [eng]

The Life is not Flat, There Is not Just Critique” Augustas Serapinas, Moscow Biennale Blog

Discourse of Terrorism is Aimed to Impose State Control”, an interview with Jonas Staal


The Interest to Soviet Modernism is linked to Interest in Social Democracyan interview with Owen Hatherley for openleft  

Viktor Misiano on “The Human Condition”, interview, Flash Art Online [eng]


Louise Bourgeois / Garage Museum / Moscow/ review, Flash Art [eng]

(Inter)national Shchusev Green (essay on Russian Pavilion in Venice), Colta

“So different, so appealing”, an essay on Robert Hamilton, Iskusstvo Journal, №3


“Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe: A Promise of Queer/Feminist Revolution”, essay, Little Joe, №5 [eng]

“What Did the Artist Mean By That?”, texts in a catalogue edited by Ekaterina Degot, MMoMA


Art Speech: What Is Lecture Performance?”, short interviews with Robert Morris, Guillaume Dessange, Hito Steyerl etc., Theory and Practice

Brain Constantly Emancipates us From the Burden of the Past”, interview with Catherine Malabou, Theory and Practice

Voice that Keeps Silence”, essay, Moscow Art Magazine, № 94

Natural-Digital Chiasmus”, essay, Moscow Art Magazine, № 96



Spear vs. Scissors: Art Held Captive by Budget Cuts”, ArtLeaks Gazette, Issue № 2 [eng]

Coloniality Will Live Longer Than Colonialism”, an interview with Madina Tlostanova, Theory and Practice

Enjoy to the Extreme: Sex in Contemporary Art”, Theory and Practice

“I Think We Need to Rehabilitate Our Definition of Art”, an interview with Mary Jane Jacob, IDEA, №44 [eng]



“Discursive Interventions into Russian Art”, Frieze blog [eng]

In the Junkyard of Wrecked Fictions” (interview with Hito Steyerl), Metamute [eng]


"Through the Laser Field", an essay on Hito Steyerl's film Guards, Svilova gallery [eng]

Former West: Ruptures in Infrastructure”, a review, IDEA [eng]

Contemporary Art is an Exile for Politics”, an interview with Simon Sheikh, Theory and Practice


Sword Dance Around Duchamp, a review of an exhibition in Hayward Gallery, Artterritory

I Imagine a Russian Artist as a Person Standing by the Ocean Feeling its Mystical Boundlessness”, an interview with Boris Buden

2013 — Year In Russia and Abroad: Art Against the State”, LookAtMe

Dialectics of Texts and Things, an interview with Ekaterina Degot, Theory and Practice

Moscow Art Magazine Remains a Relevant Publication”, an interview with Viktor Misiano, Theory and Practice

Art Speech”, essay, Moscow Art Magazine, №92

“Meta-artists as Quasi-curators”, an essay co-authored with Anna Ilchenko, Opcje journal

This Is a Project about Creative Generation that Wants Changes”, an interview with Nona Materkova and Ekow Eshun, Archronika

Feel Like at Home but Do not Forget That You are a Guest”, a review of Liverpool biennale, Artchronika



“Omnipresent Dots of Kusame”, review of Tate exhibition, Artchronika

“Alighiero and Boetti”, review of Tate exhibition, Artchronika

Does Tbilisi Need a Triennale?”, review of Tbilisi Triennale, Artchronika

Anti-art for the Sake of Anti-art”, review of Turner Prize, Artchronika

Shop of Amazing Objects”, review of Frieze art fair, Artchronika

Absence in Presence”, review of Serpentine pavillion, Artchronika

Artist as an Institution”, review of IRWIN show, Artchronika

David Shrigley. Brain Processes”, review, Artchronika (printed issue)

An Influential Agent”, review of Pablo Picasso exhibition, Artchronika

Joyful Archipelago”, short interviews with Russian artists, Artchronika

Horror and Light of Lucien Freud”, review, Artchronika

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