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Alexander R. Galloway on the digital in philosophy and art

Amal Malki on postcolonial, islamic and arab feminism [eng]

Ana Teixeira Pinto on neo-fascist tendencies in art and culture

Armen Avanessian on metaphysics from the future

Armen Avanessian on disappointment and faith in art and theory

Arseny Zhilyaev on artificial intelligence as an artist

Augustas Serapinas on hidden and invisible spaces [eng]

Ben Woodard on decay and decomposition

Boris Buden on the eastern cultural identity

Catherine Malabou on brain plasticity

Jesse Darling on her works

Ekaterina Degot on dialectics of texts and things

Graham Harman on aesthetics and ontology

Owen Hatherley  on soviet modernist architecture

Hito Steyerl on cinema in the digital age [eng]

Ingo Nierman on "free love" as a neoliberal idea

Jana Winderen and James Richards on their artistic method

Jonas Staal on "the new world summit"

Leon Kahane on gender and totalitarism in ballet [eng]

Loren Graham on soviet epistemology of science [eng]

Madina Tlostanova on coloniality after colonialism

Mary Jane Jacob on democracy and elitism in art

Michael Hagemeister on hybrid ideology of russian cosmism [eng]

Nona Materkova and Ekow Eshun on calvert22

Robert Pfaller on interpassivity and unmoderated moderation

Simon Sheikh on knowledge production and aesthetic journalism

Viktor Misiano on "the human condition” exhibition [eng]

Viktor Misiano on moscow art magazine

Vladislav Shapovalov on image diplomacy

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