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First catalogue and reader of Polina Kanis's works that comprise essays by Helen Hester, Franco "Bifo" Berardi, Daniel Milnes, Ross Exo Adams and others.


EastEast Paper is a cultural publication in Russian and English, building up a dialogue between multiple Easts — geographical, historical and socio-cultural. It explores cultural phenomena and events, forming a discussion among artists, philosophers and scholars.


The last issue of EASTEAST PAPER is devoted to borders: real and imaginary, geographical and cultural, contemporary and historical. The theme of ‘(no) borders’ encourages us to re-examine the idea of the frontier in an age of uncertainty, rising tensions, social distancing and state isolationism.



Contributing Editor at MOSCOW ART MAGAZINE

Moscow Art Magazine has a thematic nature. All of the articles in a given issue are connected by a common theme discussed and elaborated upon by a diverse team of artists, critics, art historians, philosophers and sociologists. Among the topics raised over the years were “violence”, “everyday life”, “fashion”, “art institutions”, “city”, “regions”, “humanity”, “lifeforms”, “faithfulness to a place”, “the natural and the digital”, etc. Choosing a theme, editorial team tries to give a diagnosis to the current moment and react to its pressing problems. Along with theoretical and research texts, the magazine publishes reviews of the relevant exhibitions and publications. Three times now the magazine summarized the fruits of its labor in the form of English-language digests.


Contributing Editor at contemporary art section at Theory and Practice

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