Andrey Shental (b. 1988) is an independent art theorist, cultural critic, curator and artist based in Moscow.


He holds a BA in Art Criticism at the Moscow State University (Russia) and MA in Critical Theory at Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at the Kingston University, London (UK).

He has previously worked as a senior editor at Theory and Practice (2013-2015) and Moscow Art Magazine (2015-2017). Currently he is working as a foreign correspondent at Flash Art International and invited curator of educational programmes at CCA Winzavod.

                                                photo by Masha Demianova


Currently he is a member of the board of experts of Moscow Biennale for Young Art and the editorial board of Moscow Art Magazine.

November 2017. Critics' Agenda: VIENNA 2017 residency at BLOCKFREI (Vienna).

Autumn 2017 he received a five-month grant from Centre for Experimental Museology (Moscow) to research militarisation of museum 

In 2016 and 2017 he was nominated for Innovation Prize for participation in Moscow Biennale Blog and "Aesthetics and Its Discontents" project, respectively.

July 2013 Second Moscow Curatorial Summer School at Presnya Historical Memorial Museum.

June 2013 residency programme “Redirecting: East” at Zamek Ujazdowski(Warsaw).

Summer 2012 Summer Film School at (London).

2012-2013 curating courses at Lux archive and LUX / ICA Biennial of Moving Images (London).