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I. Turbulence as Motion of Matter: Rogue Waves, or From Chaos to Order

Within the series of author presentations moderated by Aleksey Maslyaev, mathematician Aleksey Semikhatov talked about this widespread natural phenomenon that escapes precise scientific description, despite the attempts to analyze it and build computer models. Philosopher Elena Petrovskaya talked about isolated and open systems and will relate them to the ideas of classical and modern philosophy. Specialist in cultural studies Lera Kononchuk gave an overview of the history of art in which turbulence helped merge atmospheric phenomena, financial flows, social dislocation and emotional instability.

Participants: Aleksey Semikhatov, Elena Petrovskaya, Lera Kononchuk, Aleksey Maslyaev






















II. Turbulence as Self-Organization of Matter: Physics of Society, Immune System and Ecosystems

Within the second marathon of the author presentations moderated by Karen Sarkissov researcher Ekaterina Nikitina drew parallels between the immune system and social system. Curator Sergey Babkin compared artistic communities to ecosystems, and philosopher Oleg Aronson told about the incorporation of the physics of turbulence into the knowledge and discourse practices through big data, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Participants: Sergey Babkin, Oleg Aronson, Ekaterina Nikitina, Karen Sarkisov





III. Turbulence as Artistic Practice: Discussion of the projects and the theme of the open call


The winners of the “Turbulence” open call Ekaterina Muromtseva, Polina Kanis and Aleksei Taruts discussed their works displayed at the Cosmoscow Fair with  the Head and Chief Curator of CCA Anastasia Shavlokhova and curators of CCA Vera Trakhtenberg and Andrey Shental. The participants of the roundtable discussion talked about the metaphor of turbulence and the value of artistic self-organization in the times of crisis.


Participants: Ekaterina Muromtseva, Polina Kanis, Aleksei Taruts, Anastasia Shavlokhova, Vera Trakhtenberg and Andrey Shental.


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